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These kind of comments may make sense to the poster but get me annoyed. There can be all sorts of reasons not to change job even if the superficial logic is to do so.

There may be no other suitable employer in the area - not everyone can just up sticks and move (with/without family in tow), nor can they always justify a significantly longer commute which would just swap workplace stress for travel stress.

Other nearby employers may not offer the same pay/benefits/conditions - that becomes a trade off: do you value the p/b/c more or the potential of reduced stress more.

Other companies will tell you anything in the interview to employ you then you find out the reality only once you start. As "Anonymous survivor" notes in the article, "Things started out fine; I was happy." so even a good start can go down hill.

You could find yourself in a worse outfit i.e. out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You may relinquish valuable benefits in your current contract e.g. a final salary pension or long service (important if you face redundancy, remember you get nothing in those first two years of service!)

Ultimately it shouldn't be the victim who has to make significant sacrifices because an employer has failed in their duty of care. Resolving the problem makes more sense than treating the symptom.

Likewise, thanks to "Anonymous survivor" for sharing their experience and hopefully things have now improved for them.

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