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Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer

Wade Burchette Silver badge

"Fantastic! That will certainly help fulfill Microsoft's promise (to itself) that it will exert more control over and, more importantly, take a cut of every bit of software running on Windows.

But even with good features being added, it must be remembered that with automatic updates and the idea of a 'free' OS, what Microsoft giveth, Microsoft can taketh away. One day you will have feature X, the next day it may be replaced with feature Y or gone altogether. Of course, it's likely that features removed will be made available through more dependence on 'cloud' - whether warranted or not."

Microsoft is now calling programs "applications" and "apps", just like a tablet and phone OS does. I believe they are doing this so you will start to think programs should be purchased through their app store. I believe one of the goals of Win10 is to convert a large one-time license purchase into the pay-to-play model that works on phones and tablets. It is a slow process.

One of the great things about Windows is that it is easy to install any program you want. But it is a double-edge sword because it also means it is easier to get junk programs and malware. I can envision a future where the only programs you can install on Windows must go through the app store. It will probably be told that it is for extra security. While controlling which programs can and cannot be installed does provide extra security, the real reason for forcing people to buy through an app store is to make money. "Security" is thrown in to placate you. Microsoft has already partially succeeded: many people are now calling computer programs "apps".

Another problem of forcing people to buy their programs through an app store is that it could also means even legitimate programs are locked out. LibreOffice competes with Microsoft Office -- DENIED! Google Chrome competes with Microsoft Edge -- DENIED! Do not think it cannot happen. Can you download a browser on the Apple app store that does not use the Safari rendering engine? It can and will happen.

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