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Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer


"One of the key new features is the delivery of Project Centennial, which Myerson called a "desktop app converter." It will wrap desktop applications for delivery through the Windows Store. A version of the Sage accounting system will be an early example."

Fantastic! That will certainly help fulfill Microsoft's promise (to itself) that it will exert more control over and, more importantly, take a cut of every bit of software running on Windows.

But even with good features being added, it must be remembered that with automatic updates and the idea of a 'free' OS, what Microsoft giveth, Microsoft can taketh away. One day you will have feature X, the next day it may be replaced with feature Y or gone altogether. Of course, it's likely that features removed will be made available through more dependence on 'cloud' - whether warranted or not.

Microsoft's no.1 hate is PCs that are offline and static and all their efforts, no matter how they are presented, are aimed at getting as many people as possible connected to and reliant on Microsoft's online systems, as often as possible.

The question is not one of features or usability but of control.

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