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And this is the exact reason that once you made the phone call without a resolution, you write a letter (or email if you are in a hurry) to the CEO or Chairman of the company you are trying to deal with with your complaint.

If you write, yes, but in general you're quicker when you do some digging in company data to identify who runs the show, then find the HQ phone number and ask for his or her secretary whose job it is to handle these things and who generally has quite a lot of power and discretion to get things sorted.

However, never use that route in anger. If you're the type who gets agitated, first cool down and then write yourself a note with the briefest description of the issue you can work out and supporting data, and come up with a realistic idea what you want the company to do about it. If you call thus prepared you will be amazed at how effective one such a phone call can be.

And yes, I have such a secretary too.

By the way, avoid dealing with any company that hides behind customer support lines, forums and social media. A company that hides has reasons for that, and they're never in your favour.

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