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> Why wreck some poor outsourced phone drone's stats for the week ... ?

So he'll quit or get fired, obviously.

Unless this person is engaged in direct sales, why is that a desirable outcome? Do you really think the poor schmuck would work there if he/she had a choice?

Maybe I'm biased because I work with a lot of frontline staff, but I always first try to give them an opportunity to help. If their script does not allow this, I'll either ask for escalation or get means to contact the companies' legal team - as we record calls too, I have a handy, legally usable resource.

Having said that, if I'm faced with an impenetrable wall of stupidity (deliberately or process imposed) I may not bother calling back to get someone else - the company may instead end up being blacklisted by us. Depending on contract this can have further consequences.

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