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2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you


'Not counting' Android makes no sense.

Just because it runs an alternate GUI & package-manager, vs X+(desktop-of-choice), doesn't make it any 'less Linux'....

And with Google heading towards a 'desktop-y' interface, it is probably the only chance Linux has of being a mainstream desktop OS...

There's also the whole 'Chromebook' thing, which has (Arguably) been more commercially successful than any given conventional 'desktop linux' effort...

In the mean time, FreeDesktop/RedHat/Mr Pottering continue to screw up 'conventional' Linux by trying to glom the worst features (binary logs, random & paralleled start-up sequence, monolithic 'one program to rule them all' design) of Windows onto it...

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