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It's now obvious to me why Backup functionality was removed starting with Windows 8. If backups were present and the implied restore worked, then this would effectively allow the windows' users data-slaves to roll-back changes. Microsoft wants to prevent this at all costs, so backup was eliminated, with Microsoft knowing that 99% of their users are too lazy to get a 3rd party package. Anytime you can reduce support costs (by eliminating a software package) and reduce the likelyhood of users doing something undesireable is a win-win, so to speak.

Besides, everyone's data should be on azure anyways - right? (sic).

I wonder what it's going to be like once MS has their Walled Garden (UWP + Store) fully locked down. You know it's coming, slowly.. The heat is being applied very, very slowly.. and within about 5 years, or so, the goose will be cooked.

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