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"taking an idea and running with it" does not imply theft, it implies that it is built on and improved from the original. Secondly you implied that Xerox's ideas became unavailable to researchers once Apple used them. Untrue ... Windows 2.0 used Apple's extended ideas, which is where lawsuits started

"Theft" is your word, not mine. I used the word "copy" which you objected to because you said Apple "took" the WIMP idea.

My friend Tony copied my star-picket puller several months ago. This required him measuring it, making a sketch and photographing it. All a matter of a few minutes. I dare say, given Tony's inventiveness, the copy he made is an improvement on mine.

About an hour ago, my friend Chris took the star-picket puller to assist in removing some fencing. He didn't steal it, I didn't accuse him of theft, because even though he is depriving me of its use for several days, he has done so with my permission.

Now do you understand the difference between copying and taking? I suspect not.

Here's an image of the MS-DOS Executive from Windows 2:,_Windows_1.04.png

I suspect the resemblance to the Macintosh Finder is remarkable only while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. In System 7 at least which is the earliest I have used; it's on the Mac SE sitting under the desk at which I am sitting.

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