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> Credit and Debit Cards don't have RFID chips in them.

What planet have you been hiding on for the last few years ?

In the UK at least, I think most (all ?) the banks have now taken to issuing RFID (aka contactless) cards - some of them several years ago. I know because I've had "discussions" with every bank I do business with regarding having a non-contactless card.

Some have been quite OK - just told them I wanted non-contactless and they obliged.

One was willing but it needed a bit of a workaround. The lass at the other end had to issue a new card (they've cancelled the old one as they'd detected fraud), then cancel that, and only then send a new non-contactless replacement !

And one point blank refused - so I told them "in that case your card won't be in my wallet".

And as to the outright lies they tell. The good old one is "you'd get your money back if it's fraud". Yeah right. I know someone who's been on the receiving end of that "guarantee". Like heck did he get his money back. He was unlucky enough to have his account emptied (well run up to it's overdraft) just after pay day. They sent a long list of transactions and he had to identify the ones that weren't his - but they wouldn't take his word for it, he had to "prove" that it wasn't him as the money was spent locally. Some he could prove from work timesheets - commercial driver so he could prove he was elsewhere. But for some he couldn't. The police were useless - well actively obstructive. He observed that significant amount had been spend on food and drink, so he asked the copper if he'd contacted the establishments to ask them to retain any CCTV that might show the criminal at work. The copper responded along the lines of "when I get round to it", but when my mate said he was going to go round and ask them, the copper threatened to arrest his for interfering with a police investigation !

And given that security researchers have proved (not suggested, but actually proved) that bank (and in particular, card) security has holes - yet the banks still persist in their 100% secure lie ...

Pop over to and you'll find some interesting and quite frankly frightening news.

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