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Was MS aware of the debacle in the Ubuntu community when they changed the UI to Unity. Almost exactly the same paradigm and well before W8. They would have seen the reaction if they cared to look. So it seems there's been a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to get themselves out of the mess they shouldn't have got into in the first place had been less naive and done some due diligence.

I find the W10 interface difficult, but then I only use it on a VM as I switched to Linux Mint ages ago. The main issue I have with W10 is the sheer arrogance (though it's probably naivety) of the requirement to constantly monitor your doings and report back home. It seems to me, they almost pulled it off - getting out of the W8 UI issue - but then just had to shoot themselves in the foot one more time.

Their naivety/arrogance never fails to amaze me. I believe it's call the "Redmond Bubble". They should get out more ;)

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