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interesting....I've been doing the "IT thing" (software dev, admin, etc) for over 15 years...I don't sport a beard, and tend to dress myself respectably, albeit a bit conservatively. I have found the non-custom Linux releases becoming less and less purpose-oriented (as I used to like them) and more geared toward general use. Not a bad thing when you want mass market acceptance. I have seen windows fail (vista,8) and improve (7, 8.1, 10). I currently run my own servers at home (Linux backend for mySQL and web dev on a front end windows 10 client - shock and horror! all running under hyper-V on Server 2012 R2).

More shock - I am not "very" young, know my history (I was around during the original apple vs. microsoft wars - so none of this is new to me - but may just be for you...

The only mistake I can see so far is Micorsoft coming so late in to the game to try and compete with entrenched iCrack users... :-P

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