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Amiga and Atari stopped about 20 years ago... and I dont see apple **computer** users complaining about upgrades... :P

It is NOT the 'upgrade' that is forced, but the download is done 'in secret', pretending to be 'an important windows update' that is accepted by most people for security reasons...

Iliad, I think you are missing the point. There is this perpetual nonsense that people are "forced" to purchase MS operating systems when they purchase new computers. This is patent bullshit as only a quarter of the machines I have purchased have come with an OS. Clearly, some of the "professionals" commenting here have never heard of site licenses/Technet/MSDN.

MS are close to forcing w10 by dint of crippling w7 with one of the recent patches. I deliberately ran one of my machines allowing all updates until it reached the svchost.exe consuming ~90% of cpu. Along the way, I made regular manual restore points. After the crippling update, I attempted to restore the machine to its previous state. It didn't work! That's as close to forcing an "upgrade" as makes no difference.

I wish I had only been hit with a mere 4 GB of stealth downloads. By changing the recommended update to critical, MS managed to consume far more than that forcing seven unwanted downloads.

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