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Philip Lewis

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Apparently, the actual OS on Win8-10 is a significant improvement over Win7 in resource usage and performance.

What sucks donkey balls is the UI that is imposed in Win8-10, a UI reasonably suitable for touch devices but fucking awful for the desktop. I can live without every TIFKAM application, now and in the future I expect. What I want is the Windows7 interface on my desktop without constant intrusion of the Win8-10 bollocks.

Like everyone else, I have many years (and $) invested in Win and software, but Win8-10 is so fucking awful (and yes I have used it) that I have drawn the line in the sand.

I have had a MacAir for over 5 years now, but my home server remains Win7 - but I have installed Cinnamon now, and at expect at some point I will make the switch.

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