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Interesting comments!

A lot of you are ranting about W10. But doing so here (or elsewhere) and continuing to buy it serves absolutely no purpose.

If you dislike it, the most efficient, and in fact ONLY way to "vote" is to do so with your money: do not buy it!

Of course it might be difficult, because of the racketeering policy of M$. You might find difficult to buy a new PC without the O.S. you do not want to pay for. Here is France, it is illegal to sell a bundle (PC + OS) without the consumer having the ability to buy them separately... but in fact they don't even care to be outlaws, and the bribed government doesn't bother enforce its own laws. PC vendors don't care because the only way to get back the money for W$ is to go to court, and even if you are 99% sure to win, very few buyers do that for less than 100€.

But you can start to find vendors selling "naked" PC: buy those. Or instead buy a Mac (which is another prison, but at least it's a nice piece of hardware), or an iPad, a Chromebook, and Android tablet...

That is the efficient way guys: don't buy it, and you'll see, things will change!

Personally, I've been using exclusively Linux (all my PC's, my NAS) for almost 8 years now, and I'm more and more pleased everyday when I see what's happening at Redmond!

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