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The point of the original article was that windows 10 killed MS's reputation

What was bad about windows 10?

1. slower on the average machine than windows 7

2. Force update for existing users running on older hardware without regard to network bandwidth caps

3. Offensive amount of spyware even when forced upgrade users had purchased their old working OS, not free upgrade as advertised when cost was you had to sell your profile to unknowns

4. Offensive Marketing scheme to pretend that windows 10 was anyone's idea but Microsoft's, with only the blind fanbois thinking they had any input into the "design"

5. Offensive amount of shills posting on technical forums that windows 10 was great when clearly this was not the case, it still is not finish, secure, coherent or stable

6. The UI was a utter mess along with only partial migration of control panel dialogue to "new" settings system, crappy bodged metro again when the start menu works better with keyboard/mouse input.

Microsoft were generally trusted by the majority of users however those users who still haven't noticed that things are not improving is reducing by the second. That Microsoft were so determined to move from the pay once to pay unknowns forever model that they removed their original customers right to choice says how much MS have moved away from a IT company with integrity, that they went further and ostracised their real technical community says just how blindly they were rushing over the cliff.

So yes MS have lost a lot with this move and given that the only people left to help them find their mistakes are people as blind as themselves then increasingly WinX will be a security disaster. Let's see your fanois fix anything, faith. slogans and mantras will not anyone and the cliff edge is just a blind step away

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