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Err, no.

You can make a UI as good as the old one, replace the old one and it would be a big mistake, as you have to get to know the new one, for no benefit.

Same happens with W10.

It is way better for tablets and phones: it is quite good for them.

But it is terrible for power users, admins and people who have poor vision.

It is also less efficient for mouse and keyboard use.. and the use of realstate screen is worse.

So it is worse for the majority of the users, and better for the non paying ones: you know, the ones that buy tablets and phones that MS makes no money on..

Having a "classis" desktop is almost no effort. I know, because I use start10 etc, mantained and created by fewer that 5 people. Microsoft CAN maintain two desktops at almos no cost, the problem is THEY REFUSE to do it. On top of that, w10 is almost spyware.

I still use Windows because I game a lot, and my games are mostly windows only, buy I am considering moving to another OS.

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