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"If there's one person who can be blamed for our industrial decline, its him"

There's a book or two to be written (maybe they already have been?). He largely still seems to be a hero, even though he fell out with the City in the final days.

On re-reading my essay I seem to have missed at least one sentence, which I typed, removed for brevity, and didn't replace, about the origins of CEGELEC. Sorry. I knew it was complicated.

"don't forget Althom/Alstom started out as Alsace-Thomson-Heuston as opposed to British-Thomson-Heuston, who were both licencees / part subsidiaries of Thomson-Heuston of America."

Haven't forgotten, hadn't even noticed in the first place :(

It's arguably before my GEC-awareness started - ie long before my family's connections with English Electric, in the era of the Deltic on the rails and the Lightning in the skies. Where did it all go wrong? Other than the aforementioned multi-decade investment strike, which led ultimately to things like GEC having nothing relevant to offer when BT wanted a "21st century network"?


Thomson Houston (note speeling). I may not have known about the GE and GEC connection but on a good day I can speel it :)

"Its a funny old world how things go in circles..."

And how people don't learn from others' mistakes.

Looking at Rolls Royce (the jet engine one) in recent years I'm seeing some of the same management attitudes and mistakes as killed GEC. Maybe that'll change now they've got an ex-ARM man in charge. Maybe. Also interesting is the ex-Tata man who is currently RR CFO (David Smith, former CEO at Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover, who sold them to Tata while he was in charge of them at Ford? )

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