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The American company is GE. The former British company was GEC.

Back in the mists of the 1970s, Emperor Weinstock at GEC (UK) had divisions working in a wide variety of areas, including power turbines (for power generation), big transformers (and switchgear) for power distribution, and so on (also including marine propulsion and at one time including railway stuff).

Emperor Weinstock liked a joint venture (why waste money that could go into the bank on useless things like doing your own R+D, when you could acquire technology for cheap via a JV). and some of the heavy-electrical-end bits of GEC ended up as part of a JV called GEC Alsthom (note speeling), whose other half was owned by French company Alsthom (note speeling).

CEGELEC Industrial Systems in due course ended up as part of Alstom (note speeling) Power Conversion.

Alstom hit hard times and had to be rescued by the French government, not long after GEC had collapsed and *not* been rescued by the UK government.

As part of that rescue deal, the Power Conversion section was sold off and became Converteam.

Got that so far? (nb I'm not 100% sure I have).

Then in 2011 GE (USA) bought 90% of Converteam.

"I'd love to know how big the behind-the-scenes backhanders were"

You and lots of others.

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