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Dodgy software will bork America's F-35 fighters until at least 2019


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The F35 programme should cancel the B variant

If you're going to return the F-35 programme to any semblance of cost-effectiveness, the A and C variants need to be canned as well.

The F-53 was originally touted as a cost-down F-22. It appears that it will end up being much more expensive, much less capable, and probably much more dangerous to the pilot...

let the UK government sort out their own S/VTOL needs

If the UK government hadn't bought such wank carriers from BAe, we wouldn't need STOVL. Alternatively, if we fitted EMALS, we wouldn't need STOVL. But BAe insists that the EMALS retrofit - on carriers for which we paid significantly more for them to be modular and modifiable - is going to cost as much as a new build. Despite the fact that General Atomics - the manufacturer of EMALS - quoted an order of magnitude less...


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