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'..Almost all criticism of 10 I hear is from people who don't use it. Similarly OS X, Ubuntu etc. etc.'

Oh sure, in my case I don't use it, but I get called on to support it when it does get used by people who allegedly understand it.

Cards up front, I'm primarily Unix/Linux biased, but I've been dicking around with computers since the days of the Mk 14, so I've supported, programmed and done 'many terrible, terrible things'™ in many OSes and systems over the decades.

The machine I'm typing this at is a Dual-boot Linux/XP Box, the one beside it, Linux/Win7, the one beside it Linux/XP, the one beside it Linux/Linux, the one beside it Vista, the two HP thin clients Win CE, the Laptops Win 7 and Linux/Win 7, the Netbook Linux/Win7, the PC one under them, XP/XP(just don't ask...).

I've machines in t'other room which run QNX, *BSDs, various Windows server incarnations, Solaris, Irix (and a Haiku OS box).

In short, a fair number of the machines I'm surrounded by at the moment either run Windows, or can run it. They run it as I need to run Windows software for which there are no realistic Linux equivalents(DAW and CAD, mainly), so I'm not totally ignorant of the OS, its variants, or issues (did I mention, back in the day, I once had legitimate access via a home office contract to the source code for Windows 3.11?)

Some of us took a look at W10, thinking W8.x bugfix, realised it's a clusterfsck, and backed away a hasty manner...

The poor sod@work whose task it is to roll out W10, a lifelong windows guy, hates it with a passion (he's the guy who has to build the deployment image and support it)

'..For the average user, W10 is probably the only real solution at the moment, even with its faults, niggles, foibles and inbuilt telemetry. I'd say very few people on here are the average user. '

The 'average user'@work would still be happy with XP, they use Win7 with little complaint. The 'average user'@home (extending home to include friends, family and neighbours) I support, a mix of XP/Win7 with an occasional Win8.x, last serious issues I had were with a Win8.1 laptop..that was the first reinstall I've had to perform for a couple of years to fix a fsked system.

The average user@home would still be using XP, only Microsoft scared them silly with all sorts of tales about dire things happening with the EOL of their support for it, the fact that they usually had to go and purchase new hardware to run Win7/8.x didn't please a lot of people.

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