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jason 7

Windows 10 is okay...ish.

...till it breaks. And then you find all the new systems MS has put in place to make it easier to 'fix' just get in the way, slow things down or just plain don't work.

You find the longer you try to fix it the more it pushes you to do a full OS reset which loses everything. So after 6 hours of hair pulling you go for the reset. Nothing else to lose, after all it couldn't find the system restore points you know are there.

Then it pops up a window saying the reset can't function either.

Back with Windows 7 a quick SafeBoot and 5 minutes of under the hood tinkering had you a working laptop again.

Plus I love it when a customer hands me their laptop I then have to ask for the unlock password...which is their email password. That's so handy. Why not just push the PIN or tell them not to use the email password?

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