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I think there are a lot of valid points here, but I think most people are over reacting to Windows 10. Windows 10 is very fast, and I have had zero problems upgrading users from even old hardware. In fact, most of that hardware is running faster than it ever has. I type this as Windows 10 update is running on an Athlon X2 next to me. Runs great - no issues. As for the reason why no one is upgrading, it is simple economics. The machines are running fine for what most people need them to do, capital is not as readily available to companies, and most importantly - the fiasco's of Windows 7 upgrades from XP are fresh in the minds of IT managers and Corporate Executives. Most companies have JUST finished upgrading to Windows 7 and no one wants to go through that again. Funny thing is, that upgrade got you right where you needed to be. Get a couple of the older boxes and do some testing. While a large majority of clients upgraded to office 2013 or 2016, I still have a setup with Goldmine 9 and office 2007. Works perfect on Windows 10 - including the Outlook connector. I figured for sure we were going to have to upgrade. In fact, 99% of all the software tested worked no problem. The 1% was upgraded and works fine now. While I agree that the spying should stoip, face it people, it is not going away. Suck it up - quit your whining, and move on. Windows 10 is stable and reliable. It is MUCH faster with or without an SSD. I have a few clients that did not want to do a huge upgrade, so we picked up used i5 machines for all the desktops. Users are raving about the speed. There have been minimal complaints. My clients are all taking advantage of the FREE Windows 10 upgrade. My biggest complaint would be all the extra HOME like apps that are locked in the PRO version. XBOX, SPORTS, Solitaire, etc. I am playing with the command line removal of them, but I should not have to remove them at all in a domain environment. Users do not need any more distractions. They get google as a home page because if they end up on the default MSN, they get distracted too easily. All that extra noise in the menu is not needed. It gets reduced down to Browsers, Office, and Apps. Nice clean menu that is easy for them to follow. As for the upgrades, I do clean installs and use the media creation tool to upgrade. I have been pleasantly surprised at the fact all my devices are found and automatically upgraded. There is plenty of room for improvement with the OS. Anything designed by a committee is going to be a cluster-F. I have both a desktop and a SurfaceBook Pro - Windows 10 works great on them. Seriously, get over the minor stuff, quit your bitching, and move on. Microsoft is never going to come up with that holy grail OS on purpose. If you really think about it, Windows 7 was great because we were so happy to be off XP and wanted nothing to do with Vista. Windows 7 traits were a clean OS that was fast and responsive, similar to XP so users would not bitch, and ran applications with minimal tweaking. Windows 10 is the same thing. Turn off the Windows 8 tablet mode in the Settings (START -> SETTINGS -> SYSTEM - then Tablet Mode), make the menu look as close to Windows 7 as you can). At first I hated the wider Windows 7 looking menu, but then I realized my vision impaired users that needed the icons you can see from space liked the big icons in the menu. If anything, I am amazed Windows 10 is as good as it is with all the USER FEEDBACK.

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