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Indeed ...

That and 'all the rest'.

> I was originally looking forward to Win 10.

I confess that I entertained that idea for a short while.

But in the face of all of MS's actions (shenanigans to put it very mildly), I decided against it.

I have been a MS OS user for the longest time, ever since DOS 5.0.

I have also gone through most of the disasters MS fished out to us all.

XPSP3 was my last MS OS (which I actually liked a lot) and I was able to cope with most problems with a decent firewall and reliable backups.

So I don't think I qualify for the MS hater label some may want to pin on me.

Then Vista, 8.1, W7 et al and came around and I decided not to go along with any of them, staying with my XPSP3. Updates ended and that was it, no way I was to continue with MS and W10.

I keep a netbook with one XPSP3 for the odd software (tax returns, temperature-data meter) that I cannot run on Linux and eventually it will get to be dual boot.

> That's why I now use Linux Mint as my general PC OS.

Exactly my situation.

And quite happy with it for the time being.

> ... if MS can retreat from these three ...

> ... I'd consider a return to Windows in such a situation.

I don't think so.

Not if hell freezes over, twice.

I'm sure my views represent a great many out there.

Just my $0.02

As always, YMMV.

Happy Easter to all.

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