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What he said. Lose the data harvesting (and actually do it, don't just say you've done it) and restore the W7 UI and there would be little if anything bad about Win 10. That however, is not going to happen. Why? Things like GWX and how it gets on a system are a good indication of Microsoft's mentality. Microsoft wants to pimp out the meta data that their installed base of users COULD generate. They want to get the data first, before Google and their like does, and they can only do that if they get it from the Operating Syste. They took the approach that the installed base of Windows users was locked. They were wrong.

Customers are not a resource to be exploited, they are to be treated well, hand-held, fawned over, and made to feel like royalty, and when GWX (Get Windows 10) tool started installing itself, nagging users, using their sometimes expensive bandwidth to download Windows 10 files, the true purpose of Windows 10 was found out. The customer was now a product. People didn't like it, and they are voting by staying pat or moving elsewhere.

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