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If people weren't locked into Windows Server, Server 2012 would be toast as well

Absolutely no sysadmin I know likes the new interface. Not one, including me. What a hassle even trying to just logoff. Click here, move the mouse over there. Click there and click that.

No Windows 10 for me or my family even though I have four laptops and two desktops running it.My kid (just out of college) and my wife both bought Mac Book Pros two years ago, and after getting over the initial conversion curve love, them. My other kid graduates in a month and is going the same way. I would have stuck with Windows 10 except for the privacy fiasco and the forced updates without any detail.

But I'm a security and privacy professional for a bank. And I have a 65" Samsung TV with a webcam and Skype that we use for distant family and Microsoft-owned Skype is killing the TV app on June 2nd. We spent over three thousand for this TV a few years ago and absolutely love it for its this purpose; it was the primary reason. And if my investment can be damaged by an arbitrary and capricious decision by Microsoft, and they can spy on me, and they can push IE security patches with nagware with impunity, I'm done with them except for work. It's a new Mac for me this summer.

And no, I will not install the newest IE security patch with the nagware. F*** off, SatNad.You suck. And I'm high enough in the bank that I have approve/deny approval and I'm pushing more non-Microsoft solutions over the Windows 10 spyware issue. Non-Windows thin clients are in the pipeline for next year.

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