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Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage


Do you even remember Vista ?

There were reasons people didn't like it, like an astoundingly lengthened boot time to minutes an a total lack of responsiveness in typical configurations.

Windows 10 is no Vista. Most people have a pretty good experience with it. It's probably too successful to have a positive influence on the market, because why change an old computer if it works well with Windows 10 ?

If the PC market doesn't progress as much as expected, the fault lay solely on the PC makers. They don't advertise or demonstrate how recent PCs are thousand times better than old ones. They still offer PCs with crap configurations such as no SSD or only 2 GB of RAM of retardedly bad screens.

Once again, they show their total lack of innovation. Windows 10 has very interesting features to offer, such as Windows Hello authentification. Where are the new PCs with integrated RealSense cameras ?

Cortana is available on the PC. Where are the mic optimizations for an optimal experience ?

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