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From the new website:

Action Fraud refers all fraud crime cases and information on fraud to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. This is run by the City of London Police - the lead force for fraud in the UK.

City of London Police? This is better? Seriously?

If you recall what happened with Phorm, that was something 'investigated' by CoL police as well. The quotes were added there quite deliberately too: it was a farce that ended up with the case being closed with no action being taken. This was after the officers concerned had been wined and dined by the company but before any formal interview ever took place.

I think the phrase 'lead force for fraud in the UK' was a rather unwise choice in the circumstances ('nobody commits more fraud than us!').

Besides which, how can we be certain that this is little better than the previous attempt to gather statistics - detailed or otherwise - and little more?

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