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".... a simple, elegant, robust, and affordable solution from yesteryear." Whilst a big fan of the Spitfire, I'd be the first to point out it had many problems of its own and made a rather indifferent multi-role fighter. The reason the Hawker Hurricane won the Battle of Britian was because Hawker could make Hurricanes at twice the rate that Supermarine could make Spitfires. The unloved Curtis P-40 and Hawker Typhoon made better ground-attack fighters, and the Hellcat and Corsair were far better naval fighters than the Seafire version (which had a nasty habit of bending under the stresses of carrier landings!).

IMHO, the current F/A-18 Super Hornet or even a navalised Eurofighter Typhoon would be a better choice now (we could even re-use some of the earlier Tranche aircraft the RAF doesn't want as much). Of course, that would require redesigning the carriers to build catapults and arresting gear back in again - unlikely!

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