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@"Based, on facts,"

A PR report from a domestic abuse charity is PR, not fact.

You are seeking to claim crimes for which the claimed victim does not claim as a crime. The victim knows better than you, they were actually there. You are classic nanny state, fixing non crimes from your own imagination.

@"As for the police beating people up, do you have any sources for that, or did you invent it to suit an agenda? "

Let me ask you a simple thing. If 1 in 12 people are domestically violent as you claim, why would 1 in 12 police not be domestically violent? i.e. what makes the men in uniform special? Wouldn't stronger men use to applying violence be more prone to using violence?

Now go back and read about why the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad was disbanded, basically murders during torture, covered with falsification of evidence.

They're not special, there are good and bad, violent, calm, psycho, balanced among them. The SYSTEM of checks and balances is what gives us the stability we have, not some sort of magic goodness in the officers themselves.

This article says the police want a giant fishing database. i.e. an end to the privacy right, and no checks and balances and removal of judicial process, and the right to challenge. How would we protect the people from mafia police? You couldn't even run to the press in a world where journalists are the most watched!

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