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Have the Police gone totally insane?

I do believe they have.

So, they aren't interested in people that actually have committed crimes and arresting them and bringing them to justice, but they are interested in people that 'might' commit a crime.

That is a definition of insanity. It not only makes the whole Police thing unfit for purpose, it makes it a liability. They are admitting that they are not interested in concrete reality, but in a possible fairy tail might/might not happen world. They are in cloud cuckoo land and they think it is alright? They have taken leave of their senses.

There are many many cases of people who have had crimes committed against them, and the perpetrator is known, witnesses present willing to testify, the addresses of the perps known, and the police turn around and say 'there's nothing we can do - go away and don't come back'. Even though laws have been broken and crimes committed. I'm not even talking 'possession is nine tenths of the law' stuff. I'm talking clear cut black and white cases. I speak from experience, as do many others on this subject.

But, they are spending our tax money on spying on people just in case they might commit a crime?

Truly, madly, deeply fucking bat shit crazy.

They are so deep into the paranoia now that I fear they may lose control and start doing some real damage.

We all live by the rule of law. Be that the law of the jungle, the law of the land or just the general social contract that exists. The police are transgressing that and becoming the aggressors with this. But we all knew it was coming. And we all know they can't be stopped.

They are out of control and worse than that, criminally insane. And they are supposed to protect us?

They are hunting us, and we are the hunted. Remember that. In the eyes of the law in 2016, everyone is guilty! They might not have committed the crime yet, but they will. And if they don't we'll pass a law that makes sure they have committed a crime - like getting out of bed in the morning - then we'll get 'em.

No one will be innocent. Everyone will be a target. No one will have any privacy. Everyone will have blackmail material to be held against them on file to be used at a later date should 'someone look at me funny, Sarj'.

My forefathers who fought in two world wars, some even giving their life at the age of 25, would be disgusted what this country has turned into: A prison complex without locked doors, with the prisoners so well behaved that they don't even try to escape, because they don't even realise they are imprisoned. Yet say the wrong thing on social media and be mobbed by holier than thou fucking do-gooders and virtue signallers, foaming at the mouth, seeking 'justice'. Chumps.

What a total fucking joke this country has become. Then again, we do lead the way in all of this shit...

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