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Oh, sugar! Sysadmin accidently deletes production database while fixing a fault


one of my first contracts, came from desktop support, started to work with servers, other staff away for the day on some course.. A problem with the backup server.. hmm i think i know what it is . i just need this tool from AltaVista.. oh oooo.. malware knocked out the servers network, i didn't know enough to just clean it and get it back up.. Called the admin...good guy but didn't tell him what i did. said.. err you'll have to rebuild it.. Never built a server, didn't even know what smart start was.. got it all back up same day and the backups working.. fastest learning experience in my life.. got kudos for rebuilding the backup server in a day.. and no one was any the wiser that me downloading dodgy software was the cause.. . Now responsible admin.. I think we've all got one.. oh shit.. that was a f*ck up.. as long as it's just the one.. all good.

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