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@"This is one of the most under-reported crimes, "

@"astoundingly one in twelve women is a victim of some sort of domestic abuse every year"

Unreported, yet you claim to know the true number. By magic? Or just made up to support an agenda. I think its the latter.

If you're spouse beats you up you can report it to the police, if the police beat you up, well tough.

As to whether the spouse should take minor violence as a police matter, isn't that a matter for the spouse? Their judgement call not yours? I have a few scars from my wife, and I view that as par for the course. My judgement is the correct one, not yours. I make the choice individually based on the person, not Google or Magic 8 ball data mining.

@"I doubt, however, that this programme will help in this way. It'll probably be politically led, looking for the vanishingly small number of terrorists under every stone,"

Are you suggesting that the police be watching inside people's homes? Seriously, you might want to read up on why the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad was disbanded (lots of dead bodies, not a single police prosecuted). If domestic violence is such a big problem in your mind, yet is such a small problem it goes unreported, perhaps the problem is in your mind?

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