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There is no such thing as a miscarriage of justice

"Ошибки правосудия не существуют. Наши социалистические суды всегда правы" - There is no such thing as a miscarriage of justice. Our socialist justice system is always right.

"Презумпция невиновности это отрыжка буржуазии" - roughly translates as Presumption of Innocence is the regurgitation of bourgeoisie.

Joseph, Vissarionovich Jugashvilli. Circa 1937. I believe from one of the speeches given to the personnel of the NKVD and judicial system.

It is a pity, todays cheerleaders for this have forgotten the rest. Half of the people in the hall listening to the original in 1937 ended up as: "прошел он коридорчиком и кончил стенкой кажется" - "Walked down the hall and ended against the wall"

Next time you think about presumption of innocence, make sure you listen to the giggles coming from the cemetery next to the Kremlin wall. Half of the graves are showing movement signs and roaring laughter coming from under them.

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