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ANPR, CCTV and the death of privacy

I remember when ANPR cameras were introduced with the promise that they would make live comparisons of MOT and insurance databases and ONLY keep data for vehicles breaking the law.

I realised that this was a broken promise when a grandfather from Trowbridge got himself lost 'twixt a London airport and home and the ANPR database was able to find his car by searching the database.

When ANPR cameras sprung up on poles around my town I asked my local council-person who was responsible - based on the fact that if you or I put up CCTV cameras we have to post a Data Controller Notice with contact details and the ANPR poles were without ID

Not us said the council-person who suggested I contacted my MP. Not us said the MP who contacted the local chief constable - who effectively said "F off, it's none of your business"

I don't like the "if you've done nothing wrong then you've got nothing to hide" - it's none of the Government's business what I'm doing PROVIDED I'm not breaking the law (presumed innocence)

However, it's all gone to pop, we're now "the safest country on the planet" due to the sheer amount of surveillance we're now under.

Where will it end - cameras watching us in our homes and cars? Is that why cars are being made with WiFi hotspots these days?

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