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Pompus Git: Jeeze, how times have changed! A teacher doing that to a student these days would end in a public lynching of the entire school faculty...

Another thing I recall from about 1980 or so, was a craze the girls had for wearing black, very brief knickers called "bumhuggers." They favoured these because the dark material was visible through the gingham dress, which of course attracted attention. It didn't take long for the teachers to cotton on to it though and the school soon banned them, although I never saw the teachers go to the extremes you describe; any girl who came to school wearing black bumhuggers was simply sent home to change.

I suppose by the 80s the anti-corporal-discipline malaise was setting in. I remember in primary school in the 70s getting the cane for misbehaviour was a very real threat, but by the time I reached Year 10 it had pretty much been phased out.

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