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A word to chill those who lived through the 80s (and 70s)


A (mainly) IT project which led to GEC-Marconi being a worldwide laughing stock. (And younger readers going "Who were GEC" might already guess how things ended).

Mysteriously, the 3,000 change requests a year, each year (that's over 10 a day every day) from the MoD never get mentioned.

BACKGROUND: The RAF always wanted AWACS - a less capable but proven US system. UK civil servants insisted a British candidate needed consideration. Cost us £3 billion before it was axed. Jim Prior was Chairman at GEC and then a cabinet minister under Thatcher. But there was no conflict of interest. Apparently.

And for the tinfoil hat brigade, quite a few scientists from Marconi committed "suicide" in inventive ways. My favourite being the poor sod who decapitated himself by tying a noose around his neck, and a tree, and driving off ....

AC - I know too much !

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