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New locos. Yes they are North American and are nicknamed sheds.

I am a big fan of the 50s, had a few great runs behind them, those V16s sounded lovely.

The old EE 10" bore 12" stroke lump has to be one of the best prime movers in railway history.

For information, fitted to in versions ranging from 250bhp to 3300bhp

Most larger shunters, the LMS and SR prototypes, all EE locos except ones with Deltics.(20, 37, 40, 50, DP2), 31s, 56s, 58s, 73s

2 valve no turbo, 2 valve turbo, then 4 valve, then intercooling, then better materials.

So the engine in those 1930s shunters at 250bhp was developed into the standard shunter engine of 400bhp.

The LMS twins of 1600bhp (2 valve), 40s at 2000 (4 valve), 50s at 2700 (intercooled), then 56s at 3250 (better materials so rev higher), all same basic V16 engine.

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