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Microsoft's equality and diversity: Skimpy schoolgirls dancing for nerds at an Xbox party

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Equality means equal *enjoyment* for all.

So.. look.. men like looking at sexy women dancing. We do. I'm sorry but I have a penis and it controls what I think. It makes most of my decisions for me. It's actually quite fun, although I think it is ageing faster than the rest of me.

To bring equality to this event they should have introduced something that women like as much as men like sexy girls. I'm not sure what that would be though. Ponies? Puppy room? Perhaps a woman could enlighten us all, because I'm nearly 50 and I've yet to work out the answer to that question.

And while I'm here. This was a games developers shindig right? The dancing women in this video are wearing significantly more clothing than any of the female video game characters I've recently masturbate... seen. Does the woman who works for the videogame company and objects to scantily clad real women not think the same objectification argument applies to animation? Because, as the owner of a penis I can tell you that if you're objectifying it really doesn't matter if it's made of flesh or pixels.

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