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"Gender is used as a euphemism for sex. The word "sex" to indicate male and female is apparently far too offensive for polite use. Gender is also used to classify words. "His" is masculine, "hers" is feminine and "its" is neuter for example. Of course sex is determined by the possession (or not) of the Y chromosome, both sexes (sorry for the bluntness there) possessing X chromosomes. At best if we use gender to determine type of sex (and this is using gender in its earliest meaning), then we have feminine, masculine and neuter males; ditto for females. I count six all up. Twenty three? Somebody's being creative."

Yeah, you're wrong. Just using a genotypic definition of sex, there are way more than six sexes:

XX, XY (standard ones), XO, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XYY. XXY, XXXY, XXXXY, XXYY,

and probably some others. (All of the ones above exist in people and are not fatal.) Moreover, there are intersex conditions like CAH just to muddy the waters.

In conclusion, it's a common misconception that genetics is a nice and clean system with male and female. While that's true for 99% of the population, that leaves 70 million people in the world who are one of the many other possible sexes. Part of our 'obsession' with political correctness in the last few decades is that we no longer pretend that if you represent a group of less than around half of the population then you don't matter and can be ignored or silenced.

And I haven't even considered gender at all...

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