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>Counting from zero? IT angle - well an off by one error....

(4) Fail for revealing an abhorrent corporate culture to the outside world.

The "exploitation" angle isn't really about the girls involved. It's about promoting the general idea that sex can be bought and paid for and is therefore under my control, that it is all about me and what I can get, without reference to the other person. It's about getting (or providing) sexual satisfaction outside of a real relationship, in a way manner which a real relationship can't match because a real relationship deals with imperfect people, not an unattainable showcase, an idealised imagination, which never has to deal with the reality of dirty dishes in the sink and inconsiderate drunken remarks.

Fake sex and fake relationships have a surprising capacity to mess up real relationships. Of course it isn't an easily identifiable one-to-one cause-effect thing, but the one does undermine the other. It's downright disrespectful to real partners and would also lead to awkwardness for those in relationships.

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