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Man. Who has been to strip clubs before, on his own decision, with friends.

Is that so difficult to understand, that a woman might feel uncomfortable going to a strip club? Especially with men she doesn't know? Or her colleagues.

Like I said, flip it around. You go to a vendor event and they take you all out to see the Chippendales. Now, imagine doing that as a young guy with a bunch of older-than-you'd-prefer women. Just so that the sexual tension might not be totally appreciated on your end. Lovely time, right?

If you chose to go see male dancers with your significant other, she might find ways to show her appreciation later on. Or if you like male dancers yourself. Who knows? Very different situation.

MS fucked up*. End of story. Guy who did this doesn't deserve to get fired, but learning from other folks' mistakes is smarter than making them yourself. And making people uncomfortable is not cool, PR or no PR, feminists or no feminists.

p.s. if this was a logging company event or an oil worker convention, this might be different. It wasn't.

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