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Nice attempt to twist my words, but that's not what I said or implied.

The implication is there, nevertheless. And I didn't twist your words, I merely posited a situation opposite to the one you are moaning about. Personally, I have no problem with shows where there are no dancing girls. Nor do I have a problem with shows where there are dancing girls. I do believe that pretty young girls should be allowed to earn a living doing what they in all likelihood enjoy. I also object to do-gooderesses objecting to people doing what they wish when it causes no obvious harm to anybody.

I would also assume the organisers of these events have organised shows both with and without pretty young dancing girls and drawn the conclusion that the former are more effective. If not, then they would merely be a waste of money.

For some reason your attitude reminds me of the kind of situation a friend described in The People's Paradise when she lived there. Nobody was "alienated", but no-one was happy. Rather the opposite was true. Being miserable yourself gives you no inalienable right to inflict your misery on others.

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