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I wasn't really talking about saying something to someone's face in a jokey manner. I see exactly what you're saying there and totally agree with it.

I was actually thinking more about the over the top PC-Gone-Mad people who get offended when they see someone breast-feeding in public, or get offended on other people's behalf (which is offensive in itself). In today's society far too many people through around the "I'm so offended" card to try and not only validate their own point of view but also force that point of view on others.

In his stand up shows, Bill Hicks used to tell jokes about handicapped and disabled people and it used to rile up half his audience, who would boo and shout and come up and tell him what they thought after the show. One time there was a group of handicapped people in the audience (unbeknown to him) who came up to him after his show and told him how much they loved the fact that someone didn't try to not step on anyone's toes, so to speak.

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