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Anonymous Coward

Just ban gender roles already!

The time has come for us social justice warriors to make ourselves heard!

It is nigh time the world changed to put us everyone on an equal footing. In order to adhive this I suggest the following.

All men and women should be forcibly made to dress the same and look as sexless as possible. Dresses shall be outlawed except where there are of traditional significance (for example kilts) Women would have to cut their hair short. Not shave body hair. Not be allowed to wear make up or jewelry. Nor should they be allowed to wear perfume. They should also be forced into manual labor jobs that are mainly done by the male population. Men should in turn be forced to take on roles typically attributed to women such as working in day care centers for children.

The age of gender roles is nearly at an end my comrades! Let us rise up as one against this disgusting gender abomination and make the world one of equal opportunities for all!

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