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> I think you'll find that the flying scotsman is the name of the train service and

> NOT specifically the locomotive.

No, its simple. When there's a big board on the top front of the steam locomotive then that's the name of the train. So in the vase of the photo shown the name of the train is "the Flying Scotsman". Except that of course its not. The Flying Scotsman hasn't been pulled by steam locomotives since the 60s. So actually its another train *pretending* to be the Flying Scotsman. When there's a name about half way along the side of the locomotive then that's the name of the locomotive. Which in this case is Flying Scotsman. If there's a name on the side of the passenger carriages at roof level above the windows then that's either the name of the train or the destination, depending. If there's a name on the passenger carriages painted on below the windows that's the name of the carriage, which is usually only very high end ones. Back in the day some companies named their locomotives after places on the railway. Passengers used to think that those were destinations, not locomotive names, and get on the wrong train.

See what a mess sloppy naming conventions and confusing labelling can get you into. Funny how every generation and technology has to learn the same lessons...

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