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The Bernoulli Effect has nothing to do with electrical charges. It is the principle that an object traveling though air or water (or a similar fluid medium) creates lift (Vacuum or a decrease in pressure) when one path of the fluid (the top of the wing) is longer than the other path (bottom of the wing).

Two points:

(1) the air is always separated. There are many wind tunnel pictures using smoke puffs to show that the air flowing over the wing DOES NOT meet up with the air passing under the wing and, doubly unfortunately for the numpties drawing diagrams showing it rejoining and for those who believe them, the air passing over the wing goes much faster than the air on the underside, so the top-side smoke puff is long gone by the time the bottom-side smoke puff gets to the trailing edge.

(2) If a wing really works because air passing along the longer side sucks while air passing the shorter side doesn't, then by your logic:

- no aircraft can fly inverted, yet aerobatic planes do it all the time

- a flat plate wing can't fly at all, yet any sheet balsa toy glider shows this is untrue

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