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Your Personal data was probably leaking anyway at some point since circa 1995, using Windows due Malware/Virus infections.

Another way of looking at things...

With 'Express Install' settings, all Microsoft have done with Windows 10 is to make the system of leaking personal data 'Official', with a so called, legitimate business practice/model, tied very loosely into 'opt out' privacy laws.

Microsoft, in effect, are attempting to secure down those past leaks (using their own Malware equivalent) through their own servers, so they control (and exploit for revenue) your personal data. At the same time, attemping to squash unregulated 'competition' (the Malware industry) from doing the same.

Its the equivalent of Equifax for your PC habits, rather than financial ones.

If a consumer is dumb enough to install Windows by clicking 'express settings' , you could argue that their data is probably not worth that much, so you have to wonder why Microsoft are going to such an effort to off their core users.

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