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only when Microsoft and others *FINALLY* grow a brain, get a clue, and release an OS that reverses this ridiculous trend.

It won't happen. Historically, Microsoft only "get a clue" after the disaster has already happened. It was years after the event that they apologised for WME and I've yet to hear a reasonable apology for Vista, let alone W8.x. Microsoft never likes to admit their mistakes, preferring instead for them to fade away on their own, like Zune or Bob.

The only difference here is that Windows is a core business. It's quite obvious that it's a business that could end up doing the same thing as Novell Netware so they want to generate new business. That would be fine if they hadn't fired so many of their talented staff and pushed so hard on the whole "let's take over the touch screen universe because we're Microsoft" thing. They were hard up enough for originality back in the days when W7 was being put together but at least we ended up with a reasonably usable product.

Until then, it'll get the *NEGATIVE* attention it deserves. And MS will continue to try to save their own backsides, naturally. and you can't just let them get away with it. But I don't see MS releasing a 'Windows 11' that un-does the damage. And here we are...

Yes, here we are. However just harping on about it isn't really negative. We know that Microsoft have seriously mishandled the roll out of W10 and have gained a lot of negative press about it.

We know that W10's "free" offer isn't really free, and that users are being used as free beta testing labour.

We know that W10 is a data slurper on a par with such systems as Android despite Microsoft criticising Google publicly for that very thing in past times.

We know that W10, in it's default "recommended" form can seriously damage your data cap balance.

We know all that, and we know that even if you disable all of that as far as possible, it provides nothing better than W8.1 with Classic Shell added, and neither really provides any real discernible improvement over W7 unless you are looking for specifics (or you are one of those rare smartphone or tablet users with W8 on it).

But all of this is just repeating stuff that we have known for much of the time since W10 was released. There's nothing new there, and that's the biggest reason why I get sick of it. I get sick of having to research every single patch my W7 machines are told they should be downloading because Microsoft insist on slipping new nagware and other nasties in (the latest IE11 thing being a good example). I know that some people will be out there downgrading to W10 because they know no better, but who am I to judge them?

In the end, I tend to prefer to let W10 die in the way that Microsoft prefers - a long, slow, painful drift into obscurity. It won't die any other way, and continuing to complain about it just keeps it in the public eye where it certainly doesn't deserve to be. So there you have it.

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