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Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?


It HAS NOT worked, due to the shambolic way MS has handled it...

Shoving a half complete OS onto windows update, causing shocks and lost files, to say nothing about a 'simple windows update' taking hours to complete, it then does a restart, taking another hour, then says, resources incompatible' and proceeds to 'restore to last system' taking another few hours!

(Personally experienced, on an old laptop, that most 'low income' people use!!!)

And how about the poor guys, using a *limited download* dongle on their PC to save money due to low income??? - they are very hapy with the limit, they dont do that much internet...

- then windows starts doing 'update' of 2 or 3 GIG!!! (user thinks it is just update, not whole OS!!) -

- He gets back to PC, finding he has run out of downloads... >:(

IF MS had just released a Disc with it on, it may have been received better.... :/

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