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The miracle of bootable CD images on Mac 5500s

I had a Macintosh 5500 lab in the 90's at a public HS. The school system did not provide antivirus. I had one license from a donated single use copy, so you could scan your floppies as you went out the door using a Mac VX (worst thing ever). Machines had nothing to keep them from being buggered by students as well.

Every so often I would make a clean install of the os and legal software on one machine. I burned a CD of the HD image. Yes it all fit on one CD. To restore the unpleasant data path choked 5500s to their natural sluggish state I'd reboot, wipe,copy, then reboot again and fix the IP address. At that time my state only believed in fixed IP addresses for school computers which caused additional campus support problems.

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